Miscellaneous Considerations

Some rarely asked questions: Q. Are you on twitter? A. No. Q. Are you on facebook? A. Hell no. Q. Are any of the pages/accounts linked here still active? A. I still use last.fm. Q. Why include all these moribund links? A. It seemed important at the time.

Social Networks & Blogs


Last.fm tracks the music I listen to on my computer. I've used it for long enough that it's become a pretty decent at-a-glance summary of my pop music taste.

Cantus Contra Cantum

In 2011, I started working through Fux's Gradus ad Parnassum, an early textbook on species counterpoint. When I make some progress, I post about it. I haven't made progress in years.

Word Hoard

I set up this blog to help me remember things about books, then I stopped using it. This one I do intend to start using again someday.

Other & Past Projects

Fux Workbook v0.1 (PDF)

There are hundreds of exercises in Fux's Gradus ad Parnassum, and I thought it would be nice to have them in workbook form. As of version 0.1, all the exercises are typeset, though there might be some cases in which my use of staves and octaves differs from the examples in the book. I'm proofreading and adding short summaries of the newly introduced rules as I work through it. (In v0.1, I've finished the section on 2-voice counterpoint.)

Humdrum Tips for Grad School

A few bits of concrete advice I would send to my past self, if I could. Possibly useful for people starting grad school.

A list of my CDs

What for the checking of what I've already got, when in the record shops. (Owing to a cataclysmic computer crash and accompanying data loss, I'm unlikely to update this list again.)